(Datsun Sports Owners Australia-NSW Inc)


Our club has a large supply of parts available. But please note:

  • Parts are only available to members.
  • Prices for pickup only, shipping extra.
  • Prices, unless stated otherwise, do not include postage.

The club has a large supply of other parts.

Interested in purchasing parts?

Contact our Parts Officer:

Syd Carr
0414 449-134


We do not stock windscreens. We recommend you contact any of these suppliers:

  • HS & LS Windscreens
  • Moran Motor Glass Pty Ltd
  • Windscreens & Windscreen Repair (07) 3390 8855

Parts for sale

Clutches (2 items)
Ignition System (4 items)
Intake (3 items)
Manuals (5 items)
Miscellaneous (12 items)
Rubber Parts (6 items)
PO Box 110
Glenbrook NSW 2773
Email enquire@dsoa.org.au
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